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Farrah Abraham Defends Including Daughter in Raunchy Boat Recording

Farrah Abraham Defends Including Daughter in Raunchy Boat Recording

Farrah Abraham may be afraid to use her fancy new vagina after her latest round of rejuvenations, but nothing will stop her from shaking that booty.

But the reality TV villain is now getting slammed for dancing in lingerie in a raunchy boat video in front of her young, impressionable daughter.

It will come as no great shock to anyone that Farrah Abraham is once again parading about without wearing much clothing.

In and of itself, that's totally fine. It's her flesh prison and she can show it off as much or as little as she likes.

In this video that we have included, Farrah is on a boat, sporting a captain's hat that reads "G Money."

Dancing to violin music, she struts her stuff in red lingerie.

Farrah's red lingerie is all thong in the back, and she makes sure that people know it.

Fresh from Farrah's yuletide butt injections, her booty is on full display for her fans and followers.

She shakes her derriere and throwsa bit of red cloth over her shoulder.

That's certainly one way to spend your afternoon, we suppose.

Again, Farrah taking off her clothes isn't news. And that's fine. Sex work is valid, and this attention-grubbing nonsense that Farrah does is … fine.

But Farrah and her, um, musical accompanyment were not alone.

See, 10-year-old Sophia Abraham was doing some dancing herself, on Tik Tok.

And as you can see, she was also on the boat.

There she is, on Tik Tok for all of the world to see, dancing with her bright-haired companions.

(Tik Tok is like the new Vine, but it randomly deletes videos, artificially hides videos from marginalized creators, and has shady foreign financial ties)

So, this sure looks like Sophia was there to witness her mom wearing practically nothing and shake her booty.

Fans were naturally concerned that racy boat dancing is a less than ideal activity for mothers and daughters to undertake together.

Well, TMZ caught up with Farrah to ask her what she thinks of the backlash from fans concerned over her parenting.

At first, she just repeated "in 2020" again and again, like a malfunctioning robot, but she was caught off guard.

Farrah is quick to dismiss this as a case of mom's getting sex-shamed.

She insists that she won't let a little backlash or negative public opinion stop her from doing whatever she wants.

Farrah also chooses to describe herself as "single, gorgeous, young, and beautiful."

The reality TV villain chooses to characterize her lingerie-clad body in the boat video as being "fully dressed."

On top of that, Farrah claims that she lives more conservatively than most people.

Being a Trump supporter who is notorious for going on racist rants on camera is not the same thing as living conservatively, folks.

Above all else, Farrah insists that no matter what Sophia witnesses her do, her daughter is not growing up too quickly.

Once again, Farrah is snatching positive talking points and applying them where they don't belong.

Sex-shaming of women and especially moms is a real thing and it's bad … unless, like Farrah, you're bringing your daughter to spectate.

But Farrah has never listened to anyone in her life and she is certainly not about to start now.

Farrah abraham defends including daughter in raunchy boat record

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