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From EmRata to Selena, These Are 5 Celeb Heatwave Outfits I’d Wear IRL

From EmRata to Selena, These Are 5 Celeb Heatwave Outfits I’d Wear IRL

You don’t need me, the news or a thermometer to confirm that it is hot out there. We Brits love to talk about the weather, and usually we’re prepared for all eventualities, but this kind of climate simply leaves us in a bit of a pickle when it comes to navigating our day-to-day lives (who else is melting on public transport and consuming too many Soleros?) and the wardrobe required to power through a heatwave. Let’s just say 35-degree weather is not our comfort zone (even 25 degrees is pushing it), so what is one to wear?

We have been gearing up for this blast of Saharan warmth for some time and have already told you all about the summer staples required for a decent heatwave-proof working wardrobe, the best sandals for keeping your feet cool, the breeziest dress style to opt for, what our team is actually wearing to the office rn and so on.

You might be on the lookout for some new inspiration, and maybe you’d like that inspiration to come with a celebrity seal of approval. So rather than anything outrageous for these temperatures (remember, celebs can kind of wear whatever they want when they’ve got air-conditioned chauffeur-driven cars and people to fan and mist them), I’ve delved into the picture agencies to find you shots of A-listers wearing genuinely appropriate hot-weather outfits.

From Selena Gomez in a fabulous linen dress from Three Graces to Yara Shadid’s casual wear to way shorts, keep on scrolling to see and shop these looks.

Style Notes: Many girls have fallen for the slinky charms of a Réalisation dress over the past few summers. Emily does her usual summer styling trick and adds sneakers for comfort.

Style Notes: From her straw hat down to her tan sandals, there’s nothing about this Selena Gomez look that doesn’t work for a hot summer’s day (including the icy drink).

Style Notes: If you’re a die-hard denim wearer, then you couldn’t get a better hot-weather combination than Stacey’s loose-fitting jeans and tee worn with simple, comfy slides.

Style Notes: Not only are floral cotton dresses having a moment, but anything with a bit of swish and volume in this fabric will always be cooler to wear than a synthetic or tight-fitting option. You can always swap in sandals for a little extra foot-cooling.

Style Notes: Don’t like dresses? Then maybe Yara’s cute shorts and lightweight blouse might pique your interest. You could easily swap in a tee or vest if the demure shirt feels like too much coverage.

Next up, the best-dressed celebs of July.

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