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Mandy Moore announces Silver Landings, her first new album in 10 years

Mandy Moore announces Silver Landings, her first new album in 10 years

Mandy Moore has confirmed the release of her first new album in 10 years: Silver Landings is due out on March 6th, 2020 through Verge Forecast.

The singer-actress recorded the 10-track album live to tape with a full band in one studio in Los Angeles. Longtime collaborator Mike Viola served as producer, while Moore’s husband Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes and Jason Boesel of Rilo Kiley feature prominently on the album.

The album’s title, Silver Landings, is a reference to a lyric on the album’s titular final song: “Reaching for golden ribbons up in the air/But I’m looking for silver landings.” Per a press release, this track was the last song Moore wrote for the album and “became emblematic of the journey she’s been through in the past decade, what it took to get to the point of re-embracing this part of her life, and the expectations therein.”

Today, however, Moore is previewing the album with another track, “Save A Little For Yourself”. In a statement, Moore explains, “‘Save a Little for Yourself’ is sort of the other half of a love song that we don’t always talk about or acknowledge. Sure, we should open ourselves up, let people in and love them as wholly as possible but none of that carries any water if we’re not taking care of ourselves first and foremost. It might not be as romantic, but it’s an equally important part of the equation.” Watch its corresponding music video below.

In support of Silver Landings, Moore will embark on her first tour in 10 years. The 29-date outing kicks off in March and runs through early June. You can get tickets to the upcoming dates here.

Silver Landings Tracklist:
01. I’d Rather Lose
02. Save A Little For Yourself
03. Fifteen
04. Tryin’ My Best Los Angeles
05. Easy Target
06. When I Wasn’t Watching
07. Forgiveness
08. Stories Reminding Myself Of Me
09. If That’s What It Takes
10. Silver Landings

Mandy Moore announces Silver Landings, her first new album in 10 years
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