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The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber’s Fiancee FINALLY Revealed?! [UPDATED]

The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber’s Fiancee FINALLY Revealed?! [UPDATED]

Well, folks, another season of The Bachelor is in the can.

After a lot of heartbreak, one freak accident, and some major shadiness involving a contestant who can only be described as the female equivalent of Luke P., Peter Weber has made his final selection and wrapped filming.

So is the beloved pilot/windmill sex enthusiast a newly-engaged man?

Sadly — we don't know yet.

It seems producers are doing a better job than usual keeping the events of this seaon's finale under wraps.

But thanks to the spoiler master himself, Reality Steve, we do know the identities of Peter's final two selections, as well as the fate of the villainous Victoria Fuller.

Take a look:

[We've updated this post with Reality Steve's latest spoilers, and folks — it sounds like we're in for one hell of a season.]

1. The Rose Master General

Peter weber for season 24 of the bachelor
Peter Weber has officially handed out his final rose! And after months of waiting, we finally know who he’ll decide between in this year’s Bachelor season finale.

2. Decisions, Decisions

Peter weber on the couch
Peter wrapped filming over the weekend, and to say the final weeks of his season have been rather dramatic would be a major understatement.

3. Hannah Sluss

Hannah ann s
Earlier this month, we learned the identity of the four lucky ladies who made it to the hometown round, including Hannah Sluss, a 23-year-old resident of Knoxville, Tennessee.

4. Madison Prewett

Madison p
Hannah was joined in the final four by 23-year-old Birmingham, Alabama resident Madison Prewett. We think it’s safe to say Peter likes his southern belles.

5. Victoria Fuller

Victoria f
Next up, we have 25-year-old Victoria Fuller of Virginia Beach. If you’ve been keeping up on our Bachelor spoilers, then you already know all about Victoria. If not, keep reading, because there’s a LOT to unpack here.

6. Kelsey Wier

Kelsey w
Rounding out the group is 28-year-old Des Moines, Iowa native Kelsey Weir. Perhaps a victim of geography, Kelsey was eliminated after the hometown round.

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