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2022 Toyota GR 86 Gets a Taste of Boost Courtesy of Aftermarket Tuner

2022 Toyota GR 86 Gets a Taste of Boost Courtesy of Aftermarket Tuner

Welp, that didn’t take long. With the announcement of Toyota’s and Subaru’s second-generation GR 86 and BRZ, it was all but guaranteed the little sports cars would get a number of aftermarket go-fast goods and aesthetic upgrades. And HKS Japan isn’t wasting any time leaving its mark on the model. Last weekend, during the annual “Fuji 86 Style with BRZ” event at Japan’s Fuji Speedway, the high-performance aftermarket tuning company debuted its GR 86 concept.

HKS (named after its founders, Hasegawa, Kitagawa, and Sigma), was established in Japan in 1973. With a focus on performance parts that included forward-thinking aftermarket turbocharged applications (one of the very first), bolt-on solutions, and later aero options, the brand has long served as a leader in the space. In recent years it’s often been first to market with upgrades for newly released vehicles.

Much Needed Boost

If you’re a social media dweller, then you’ve no doubt read the constant complaints about the GR 86 and BRZ being void of any sort of boost, and HKS rectifies that with its GT2 supercharger system. The company has put significant emphasis on the merits of centrifugal superchargers for bolt-on kits like this, touting the forced induction systems’ improved low-end power and midrange grunt relative to comparable turbochargers.

In addition to the supercharger, HKS fits the GR 86’s boxer engine with a catalytic converter-equipped GT SPEC exhaust manifold that leads to the group’s Hi-Power SPEC-L II exhaust system. The lightweight cat-back exhaust features a pair of canister mufflers that exit through the factory bumper openings, the finishers wrapped with a titanium ring. HKS used its Flash Editor, a programmable add-on that plugs into the factory OBD port and allows reflashing the ECU to maximize performance or revert back to stock settings if needed, to ensure the supercharger and high-flow exhaust system play nice with the Toyota sport coupe’s factory ECU. While no official power numbers were released, as the kit is still under development, we wager these upgrades will net between a 60 and 100 hp gain—depending on which kit is chosen (we expect there will be entry-level and more advanced options)—relative to the stock car’s 228-hp output.

Dressed to Kill

The HKS concept highlights the 2022 GT 86’s original lines. There are no flared fenders here. A front lip spoiler attaches to the bottom of the front bumper and wraps around its edges. Upturned winglets extend the piece outward a few inches. Just above it sit one-piece dual-plane canards. A carbon fiber panel covers the front fender vents. These pieces bolt directly to HKS-brand side skirts that sweep up toward the rear quarter panel—just like the factory ones. These, however, are a bit more pronounced and quite a bit sharper looking due to their integrated diffusers.

The sweeping lines of the GR 86 all but disappear when you view the car from the back. HKS aimed at livening things up a bit by adding a carbon-fiber rear diffuser, which, like the front lip, extends beyond the bumper a few inches. Above this sits another carbon-fiber touch: a sleek “Duck Tail Wing” that hugs the trunk lid. HKS also whipped up a GT wing that sits above the trunk, too. The relatively low-profile unit nicely complements the concept car’s other styling bits.

New Shoes

HKS improves the GR 86’s handling by way of Hipermax S coilovers with adjustable camber plates. The company also ditched the original 18-inch wheels and tires for a set of bronze 19-inch Advan Racing GT Beyonds wrapped in sticky 255/30-19 Advan Neova AD08R rubber. HKS didn’t forget about stopping power, either, and the company fits this GR 86 with blue-painted six-piston front calipers that clamp down on 14.6-inch rotors. Four-piston calipers and 12.6-inch Carbing slotted rotors reside at the car’s rear.

Always early to the party, HKS Japan managed to put together a very complete package for the soon-to-be-released GR 86 (it’s safe to assume these bits will transfer over to the BRZ, too). For years, the so-called “Toyobaru” sports cars have maintained a loyal fanbase and a large amount of aftermarket support. It seems this shouldn’t change with the arrival of the second-generation model, as evidence by HKS’s 2022 Toyota GR 86 concept.

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