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Visualizing the Vanguard: How Rhymezlikedimez Became Hip-Hop’s Favorite Animator

You know when you’re looking at something made by Rhymezlikedimez. Drenched in vibrant hues and covered in cartoonishly graphic details, Rhymez’s animations are like looking through irremovable rose-colored lenses: the weather is warm, the sun is always shining.This intricate and whimsical universe that Rhymez has built out over an extensive archive of music videos, prints and other animated cartoons is home to a wide range of residents and visitors alike. With cloud-like mascot Puff as a mayoral mainstay – it's appeared in all of the artist’s pieces since 2020 – a supplemental slew of rap and R&B artists slide through the streets, including Lil Uzi Vert, Ms. Erykah Badu, Playboi Carti, Aminé, Swae Lee, Rico Nasty, J.Cole, Rosalía and even Dua Lipa.“I’ve always been drawn to the inters...

Latest lifestyle News, Live Updates Today June 14, 2024: Eid ul Adha 2024 crafts: Creative projects for kids and adults

Latest lifestyle News, Live Updates Today June 14, 2024: Eid ul Adha 2024 family activities: Fun ways to bond and celebrate the auspicious day  Hindustan Times

Alzheimer’s: 4 lifestyle changes may help improve or prevent decline

Alzheimer's: 4 lifestyle changes may help improve or prevent decline  Medical News Today

AI Prize Recipient Disqualified After Submitting a Real Photograph

For better and worse, the creative industry is one of the biggest industries that has been impacted by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). On one end, users are able to moodboard, and many instances, bypass numerous hurdles to realizing a creative thought or brief in a matter of seconds — without the need of rigorous sketches, camera crews or creative collaborations. On the opposite spectrum, it's been reported numerous times that these machine learning systems are illegally using the intellectual property of millions of artists without consent or repercussion, setting the stage for what many creative professionals fear to be an uncertain landscape going forward. In April of 2023, an AI-produced image created a storm of controversy when it won Sony's World Photography Awards. To the ...

‘SKALAR’ Is a New Sensorial Exhibition That Will “Evoke Pure Synesthesia”

Library Street Collective and real estate company Bedrock Detroit worked with light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray on a new experiential exhibition in the Motor City. Entitled SKALAR: Reflections on Light and Sound, the kinetic art show kicked off late last month during legendary techno festival, Movement, as a celebration of the city's rich electronic music heritage. SKALAR has previously exhibited across the world in Berlin, Zurich, Mexico City, Amsterdam, and Riyadh, but is showing for the first time in the United States. The audiovisual event aims to illuminate the abstract nature of human emotion through an elaborate interplay between light and sound. "It reminds us that our experiences, though internal, are no less real." said Kangding Ray. "Through the fusion of...

Khloé Kardashian Didn’t Hold Back in Criticizing Sister Kendall Jenner’s Lifestyle

Khloé Kardashian Criticizes Kendall Jenner's Lifestyle  SheKnows

South Korea’s Lotte Hotels & Resorts brings its lifestyle-brand hotel to the Loop

South Korea's Lotte Hotels & Resorts brings its lifestyle-brand hotel to the Loop  Chicago Sun-Times

Superposition Gallery Exhibition Questions New Realities

Superposition Gallery is hosting ‘Saturn Gives Structure to the Dream,’ on view from June 7-17, 2024. This group show delves into the impact of Saturn's return, a cosmic event that prompts introspection, resilience and radical change. With Saturn currently in Pisces, it signifies a time of significant transformation and opportunity, challenging existing structures and encouraging the creation of new pathways as expressed by Gallerist Storm Ascher.‘Saturn Gives Structure to the Dream’ offers a transformative journey through this period of upheaval, highlighting the potential for profound change amidst uncertainty. Through bold and daring artistic expressions, the exhibition illuminates new possibilities, encouraging viewers to question entrenched power structures and imagine new realities. ...

Veronica Fernandez & Tidawhitney Lek Ask ‘What Will You Give?’

Sidecar Gallery features "What Will You Give?," an exhibition of large-scale paintings by Veronica Fernandez and Tidawhitney Lek, curated with Melanie Ouyang Lum. This marks the first Sidecar exhibition for both artists.Fernandez and Lek, both artists and friends, explore themes of generosity, empathy, wonder, delight and hope. Their paintings capture personal and universal narratives of love and loss, drawing from their life experiences to illustrate the human condition. Employing their distinct artistic styles, they depict family dynamics, childhood memories and locations significant to their identities. Their works highlight tenderness, vulnerability, and social/economic struggles, inviting viewers to connect emotionally and intimately with the art. Head to Sidecar Gallery's website for...

Alzheimer’s Slowed by Intensive Lifestyle Changes

Alzheimer's Slowed by Intensive Lifestyle Changes  Medpage Today

Meghan Markle’s lifestyle brand name used to sell adult colouring books

Meghan Markle's lifestyle brand name used to sell adult colouring books  The Independent

Ryoji Ikeda Blurs Micro and Macro in New Sensorial Exhibition at Almine Rech

Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda is showcasing the latest chapter in his dataverse trilogy at Almine Rech. Housed at the gallery's Brussels location, the eponymously named exhibition encompasses over two decades of work from the multi-disciplinary artist and composer, entrancing audiences with a series of installations that encompasses astrophysics, quantum mechanics and the mysteries of the cosmos. The Gifu-born, Paris-based artist is known for utilizing mathematical code to create hypnotic audiovisual installations and bassy glitch music that reflect on humanity's impact on the world. Ikeda's latest exhibition marks the first time his dataverse trilogy is being shown in Europe and comprises 16 wall-to-wall screens displaying an interplay of visceral patterns and calming acoustics that curator...