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How to Drift With Arisa Mizuhara and the Toyota GR86

For the latest installation of Hypebeast’s How To series, we’ve tapped Arisa Mizuhara, a professional rally car and drift driver from Japan. In this presentation, she breaks down some simple steps on how to drift utilizing the Toyota GR86. View this post on InstagramA post shared by HYPEBEAST (@hypebeast) While already a global star in the sport, Mizuhara continues to make her presence known through her social media accounts like Instagram and her very own YouTube channel TokyoDriftGirl-Arisa-, where she showcases her life and role in the world of drifting and rally car racing. In some episodes, she’s seen building out cars, profiling car parts and of course, getting behind the wheel for some viral worthy drifting clips. Some of today’s most popular automotive platforms like Hoonigan, GT C...

Xavier Hufkens Turns Surreal in Nicolas Party’s Latest Exhibition

When one thinks of immersive art, usually large LED screens and the fusion of science and technology come to mind. Nicolas Party is just a painter, not a technologist, but his work transcends that of tradition and certainly transports visitors to a surreal world caught between art history and fiction. His latest solo exhibition is no different. Housed at Xavier Hufkens in Brussels, Cascade is understated but impactful as the Swiss artist transformed the space into a colorful maze made up of subdued hues. As his third exhibition with the gallery, Party is showcasing a new series of pastels, cabinets and oil-on-copper paintings. This is a new trajectory for him, both in terms of his formal approach to art-making and the technical aspects of his practice. View this post on InstagramA post sha...

Get Lost in a Sea of Light at Shohei Fujimoto’s ‘Intangible Forms’

Shohei Fujimoto is a Japanese AV artist who utilizes light, time and space to play with the boundaries of human perception. In the past, the artist has regularly worked with fellow musicians to create hypnotizing live sets, such his most recent collaboration with Kyoka Sound. On view at ARTECHOUSE in Washington D.C. is a new solo exhibition where Fujimoto desensitizes his viewer through an array of codified installations. Entitled Intangible Forms, each room encapsulates the viewer into a sea of luminous red lights and cubic geometric patterns. Instead of using material to sculpt his forms, Fujimoto uses mathematical code — an almost invisible form of drawing that merits precision to create tantalizing installations that are weightless, yet overwhelming, dizzying and simultaneously hard to...

I’m a lifestyle editor, and here are the 9 February Nordstrom new … – Yahoo Sports

I'm a lifestyle editor, and here are the 9 February Nordstrom new ...  Yahoo Sports

Ross: Morning people have the ideal lifestyle, it’s just science! – MyNorthwest

Ross: Morning people have the ideal lifestyle, it’s just science!  MyNorthwest

Chinese Artist Huang Yongyu’s Year of the Rabbit Stamps Are Being Labelled “Scary”

Acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist Huang Yongyu was tapped to create two new stamp artworks for China Post's celebration of the Lunar New Year. Yongyu, 99, is one of the nation's most revered living artists and had created postal artwork several times before, most notably for the 1980 Year of the Monkey stamp — which garnered nearly $300,000 USD when it sold at auction in 2017. This year's stamps have come with mixed reviews, however, as many in the online community are labelling the artwork "evil" and "scary" looking. The first stamp is titled “The Rabbit Sending Blessings” and features Yongyu's washy ink aesthetic as he creates a blue rabbit with bright red eyes holding a pen and letter. According to a press release by China Post, "such an image suggests that Chinese people think all ...

Meet Ricardo González, the Mexican Designer and Artist Behind It’s a Living

“It's a Living” is not just a statement, it's a philosophy of life for Ricardo González, a Mexican designer and graphic artist who’s about to host his solo show in Tokyo, Japan.His signature stroke is easily recognizable in large-scale murals all over the world, from commercial work for brands like Apple, Nike, HUF, and Vans, to stickers that may stumble across in the streets. The ambiguity in his typographic messages creates a continuous dialogue between the viewer and the artwork. According to Ricardo, "one word is one image" and an image can be interpreted in many ways. His focus on using typography as an exploration tool aims to question our daily lives while also creating a positive impact.“It's a Living” is the name of Ricardo's studio, brand, and personal philosophy. The phrase reso...

Apple Reportedly Filed Patents for Adjustable Tinted Windows for Semi and Fully Autonomous Vehicles

As tech aficionados patiently wait for the official reveal of the Apple Car, new details have emerged regarding patents and trademarks filed. While the tech giant has not made any major announcements regarding its electric vehicle, many have followed Apple's steps closely, keeping an eye on the types of patents that they are seeking. Most recently, Patently Apple reported that Apple has filed two new patents for its secretive Project Titan, relating to "adjustable tinting windows." Earlier this month, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published patent applications from Apple that are specifically related to adjustable exterior lighting systems for future semi and fully autonomous vehicles. According to the patent, Apple is seeking adjustable windows that may feature adjustable layers incl...

Lifestyle-Boutique „Goop“ von Gwyneth Paltrow in London insolvent

Gwyneth Paltrow hat laut Berichten der Zeitung „The Mirror“ die britische Filiale ihres Lifestyle-Ladens Goop geschlossen. Sie soll infolge der weltweiten Pandemie geschätzte 1,6 Millionen Euro an Ein ...

Lifestyle changes for women to restore hormonal imbalance naturally – Indiatimes.com

Lifestyle changes for women to restore hormonal imbalance naturally  Indiatimes.com

50 fashion, beauty, and lifestyle DTC brands about to take off – Business Insider

50 fashion, beauty, and lifestyle DTC brands about to take off  Business Insider

Ruttkowski;68 Presents ‘Vitaminas’ by Luciano Calderon

Luciano Calderon is a Swiss-Bolivian artist best known for his bold tattoo work and self-autobiographical compositions. Raised between the Swiss capital of Bern and El Alto, Bolivia, Calderon's worldview was shaped by the stark socio-economic contrast between these two distant countries and the vast array of iconography found throughout. Ruttkowski;68 is showcasing a new solo exhibition of work by the Barcelona-based artist, entitled Vitaminas, where each painting serves as a snapshot into the artist's mind. Sonic the Hedgehog, Sibarita seasoning, Spider-Man and vibrant signage are amongst the universe of visuals that Calderon employs to create a bridge between art academia and low brow norms found in pop culture. "Paying homage to his greatest source of inspiration, Calderon deals with hi...