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AIA Group launches ‘Rethink Healthy’ campaign to advocate for more inclusive and sustainable living for people in Asia – MARKETECH APAC

AIA Group launches ‘Rethink Healthy’ campaign to advocate for more inclusive and sustainable living for people in Asia - MARKETECH APAC

Hong Kong – AIA Group Limited has announced the launch of its new brand campaign platform, ‘Rethink Healthy.’ The campaign intends to challenge misconceptions and narrow images of health in Asia, arguing for new definitions of health that would inspire more people to live healthier lives. 

‘Rethink Healthy’ advocates for a more inclusive, pertinent, and doable approach to wellbeing that is more sustainable and inclusive for people in Asia. This campaign is part of the AIA One Billion initiative of AIA Group Limited, which aims to empower one billion people to live better, longer lives by 2030. 

The anthemic video ‘Rethink Healthy’ challenges how social media influences how we portray health in its introduction. It will be bolstered by staff involvement initiatives, community activities, and marketing campaigns spanning multiple Asian regions.

The anthemic video tries to extend viewpoints by showing health as a mix of physical, mental, financial, and environmental well-being, rather than relying primarily on physical appearance as a health indicator. It aims to revolutionise the way healthy lifestyles are spoken and portrayed, emphasising that each person can embark on their own unique road to health and wellness. 

The video broadens the concept of activities, opportunities, and choices that promote overall health and wellness. It also redefines how exercise and healthy eating can benefit health, proving that every small step matters and that increasing confidence leads to progressively significant actions and benefits. 

The formation of the campaign was prompted by a regional wellness report ordered by AIA, which revealed that a large number of Asian consumers felt that maintaining good health was too hard and unachievable. Important research findings showed that even though most respondents wish to get healthier, 80% don’t think they are healthy right now. Consequently, 57% of individuals polled said they were unable to modify anything to make their health better. 

People throughout Asia are overwhelmed by the frequent, restricted portrayals of ideal health and fitness habits. Furthermore, 63% of respondents feel that exercise must be intense and prolonged to be healthy, discouraging many people from becoming more physically active. The majority of people polled feel that little activities cannot promote physical health, despite research showing the importance of tiny steps taken repeatedly to develop habits.

Speaking about the campaign, Stuart A. Spencer, AIA group chief marketing officer, said, “Our reality today is that Asia is getting wealthier but not healthier. The prevalence of lifestyle diseases is rapidly accelerating despite people wanting to improve their health. The research is very clear, consumers need and want help. AIA’s ‘Rethink Healthy’ campaign is a direct response to this urgent need by reframing the journey to health and wellness to be more inclusive. We need to change how we portray healthy lifestyles and make clear that this is specific to every individual, and help people take their own unique journey towards health and wellness. Every market in Asia is immensely diverse, however the discussion around health is often one-dimensional.” 

He added, “We are on a mission to change attitudes, mindsets, behaviours and debunk preconceived notions of what healthy means for every individual. Through this campaign we will engage many more people in Asia to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives and accelerate progress towards our AIA One Billion goal.”

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