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Bentley Launches Limited Edition Mulliner Inspired Tricycle

Bentley Launches Limited Edition Mulliner Inspired Tricycle

Bentley has unveiled its latest mode of transport, one without an engine and only three wheels — a six-in-one tricycle for only the most sophisticated 6 to 48-month-year-old stroller or trike enthusiasts.

The Bentley trike itself isn’t new, in fact, there are over eight different specs to choose from on its dedicated site, with the bottom of the range, a sporty “Dragon Red” six-in-one starting at $449 USD.

What is new, however, is the Mulliner-inspired spec, priced at $649 USD, a good way to double down on the Bentley trike Flex and make sure none of your toddler peers are pulling up to the meet with the same trike as you.

In proper Mulliner fashion, this limited edition trike features a range of details, including a model-specific cross-stitched seat fiber pad, branded “Bentley Mulliner” wheels inspired by the Continental GT, a chrome badge at the front, anti-slide Mulliner pedal replicas and a level up for the “parent’s bag” — constructed using faux leather and featuring handmade “Double Diamonds” stitching.

As its name would suggest, the Bentley Mulliner Six-in-One is designed to convert and adapt to remain usable as its young owner ages. Our favorite adaptation of the trike is Stage 3, where the cross-stitched seating remains on but everything else is removed, allowing for maximum comfort and enjoyability by its rider.

Despite 48-month-old riders being recommended to advance to Stage 4, which sees the removal of the padded cross-stitched seat for a more sporty rubberized counterpart, they might be wise to keep it on to fully take advantage of the comfort of their limited edition Bentley trike.

For more details on the Mulliner-inspired trike or to check out the range of all of the different specs available, you can visit Bentley’s dedicated site for the product.

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