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#BreonnaTaylor: Breonna’s Law Passed, Bans No-Knock Warrants In Louisville

#BreonnaTaylor: Breonna’s Law Passed, Bans No-Knock Warrants In Louisville


The hands of justice have moved ever so slightly in favor of Breonna Taylor and her family, this after a law named after her passed Thursday night (June 11). Known as “Breonna’s Law,” the legislation effectively bans no-knock warrants in the city of Louisville, but the officers who killed the 26-year-old have yet to face consequences.

As reported by local outlet Louisville Courier-Journal, the Metro Council voted unanimously in favor of passing the law with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer stating ahead of time that he planned to sign it into law with no objections.

Taylor, whose birthday recently passed, was shot by Louisville Metro Police on March 13, Tayor’s apartment was targeted as part of a narcotics investigation and after entering the home, the officers were met by gunfire from Taylor’s boyfriend who mistook the police for robbers. The police returned fire, killing Taylor in the process.

No-knock warrants were suspended by Mayor Fischer earlier as chatter around the case began to grow. At the council meeting ahead of the vote, Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, expressed what the passing of the law would mean for her daughter’s legacy.

“All Breonna wanted to do was save lives,” Palmer said to the council. “So it’s important this law passes because, with that, she’ll get to continue to do that, even in her death.”

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Taylor’s family, shared in a tweet a message supporting the passing of the law and what it will mean for the city of Louisville going forward.

“Bre, this is for you! #BreonnasLaw not only BANS no-knock warrants in Louisville, but also requires the use of body cameras by anyone executing a search warrant. Thank you all for your support in advocating for justice!! Let this be part of #BreonnaTaylor’s legacy,” read the tweet’s caption.

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