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Family vacation ideas: 10 cheap destinations for summer 2023 – USA TODAY

Family vacation ideas: 10 cheap destinations for summer 2023 - USA TODAY

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Traveling together has been proven to be beneficial for the entire family. Creating lifelong memories through travel can strengthen the family as a whole and enhance each person’s well-being. Experiencing new cultures and places help kiddos with their skill development.

Unfortunately, family trips to international places can be expensive − flights and accommodations plus eating out and activities can add up quickly. This rings especially true if you have to travel during peak seasons, like summer or spring break.

To come up with the list, the travel site looked at the cheapest flights for a family of four from the U.S. between April 17 and 21 from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport using Skyscanner to come up with 10 of the most affordable travel destinations for families this spring season. To make sure these destinations are truly family-friendly, the platform also looked at factors like crime index scores, air pollution and the number of child-friendly accommodations using Booking.com plus restaurants and activities from Tripadvisor.

“With the cost of living rising globally, it may seem like vacations are an impossible luxury for families. It’s true that summer travel is expensive this year, however … there are some really affordable deals out there for every budget in every destination, you just have to know where to look,” James Brockbank, Founder of The Family Vacation Guide.

For travel inspiration for your family that won’t break the bank, read the list below.

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1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Just a short flight away from the U.S. is San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital. The historic, vibrant city has both captivating history plus lots of family-friendly outdoor activities and restaurants to experience.

“There are numerous free or low-cost attractions to enjoy in San Juan, such as the historic Old San Juan district, beautiful beaches, and outdoor activities like hiking in El Yunque National Forest,” said Brockbank. “Overall, with careful planning and budgeting, San Juan can be an affordable travel destination.” Flights from the U.S. can be as low as $239.

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2. Vancouver, Canada

Located on the west coast of Canada, the beautiful, clean city of Vancouver offers a plethora of family-friendly activities to enjoy, from the VanDusen Botanical Garden to Granville Island and many, many parks. The crime rates in Vancouver are also relatively low, making it a safe place for families. Flights from the U.S. cost about $295.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Nature is on full display in Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik. Stunning mountains, glaciers and the Northern Lights will wow your family. The city also provides many opportunities for families to learn more about Viking culture. Reykjavik is affordable to travel to from the U.S., with a flight from Atlanta costing $478, and is also known to be clean and safe.

4. Toronto, Canada

As one of the most culturally diverse cities with many attractions to experience, Toronto is a wonderful city destination for families. Families will hardly run out of things to do, from going to Greektown or Chinatown and then seeing the CN Tower and exploring the Ontario Science Centre. Flights to Toronto aren’t too pricey either, costing about $481.

5. London, United Kingdom

From the Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, London is home to many activities and attractions that are family-friendly. As a bustling city, the capital of England also has many restaurants and hotels that welcome families. A flight to London from the U.S. runs you about $559 this spring.

6. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the perfect destination for adventurous families with the bonus of being a safe and clean place. Even though Oslo is Norway’s capital, the city remains charming and quiet, and English is commonly used. Families should stop by the International Museum of Children’s Art and the Polar Ship Farm (which has a Northern Lights reproduction!) A flight to Oslo costs $586.

7. Paris, France

The bustling capital of France isn’t just for lovers. Families can pick from many family-friendly hotels and partake in the many activities, like the Parc Zoologique de Paris and the Cite des Enfants Children’s Museum. However, Paris is notorious for pickpockets so travelers should beware of their belongings. Flights to France this spring cost $678.

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8. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is an ideal destination for families wanting to dive head-first into history. The city is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one being Museum Island, home to five museums, and many other important sites like Checkpoint Charlie. While being in Berlin isn’t as cheap as cities like San Juan, the flight is still pretty affordable, costing $680.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is known for its colorful row houses and innovative design, capturing both the past and future − the city was deemed a World Capital of Architecture by the UNESCO and International Union of Architects. It’s also a destination that’s safe and affordable to get to. A flight from the U.S. is about $686 for the springtime − which is during off-season, so expect less crowds and still warm weather.

10. Barcelona, Spain

Getting to Barcelona from the U.S. is about $762, but once you’re there, it’s worth it. The city has many child-friendly activities and hotels, although pickpockets can be prevalent. Families can taste Spanish cuisine at La Boqueria market and visit the many cultural sites like the Sagrada Familia.

Kathleen Wong is a travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Hawaii. You can reach her at kwong@usatoday.com

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