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Investors Take Notice of ASI Presale and Uniswap Price Swings Upwards After Switch to BNB Chain

Investors Take Notice of ASI Presale and Uniswap Price Swings Upwards After Switch to BNB Chain

Recent developments in Web3 have led to some bullish future predictions for both the Altsignals and Uniswap prices. BNB chain is one of the largest blockchain infrastructures in the world, and it will be forming a brand-new partnership with Uniswap.

The AltSignals ($ASI) crypto presale also looks like a prime investment opportunity, as the new AI-powered token looks set to revolutionize crypto market trading. So, which token is the best investment at the current price level?

Uniswap announces BNB Chain development while the AltSignals presale shows promise

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that currently offers trading, staking, and liquidity provision to users on Ethereum and its various layer-2 blockchains. Fresh news has come to light that has seen Uniswap price action benefit due to a major development for the platform, as it will now offer trading to users on the BNB chain.

In a recent governance proposal, the Uniswap community voted to deploy the Uniswap DEX on the BNB chain. It is thought that the BNB chain will provide significant advantages thanks to the network’s embedded staking and cross-chain functionality.

Elsewhere in Web3, AltSignals has announced that it will be launching its new token, $ASI, during a long-awaited crypto presale event. AltSignals has been one of the most successful online trading communities since 2017, and it is now expanding its blockchain services to power a new AI-based trading protocol.

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a DEX that enables anyone to buy and sell cryptocurrency without submitting KYC information. It is the largest DEX on the Ethereum blockchain network, providing a range of DeFi services to users on the Ethereum layer-1, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Celo.

Uniswap was the first DEX to surpass $100 billion in volume. The platform enables any ERC-20 token to be traded using automated market makers (AMMs) and smart contracts, as Uniswap leverages the full power of the Ethereum Virtual Machine to deliver a secure and convenient method of transacting on the blockchain.

Uniswap price prediction: Can UNI reach $15 in 2023?

Although the UNI token had already risen by 15%, the Uniswap price action could be positively influenced by the recent BNB chain announcement over the long term. BNB Chain is home to an increasing number of users, which could help the Uniswap price due to an increasing level of demand for the platform’s trading services.

Experts have highlighted the $15 level as a key target over the coming months for the Uniswap price; however, UNI does face stiff resistance at both $8 and $12.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals has been one of the most successful trading communities since it first launched back in 2017. The AltAlgo™ trading tool has consistently had a high success rate for sharing trading signals shared to its community, which has helped both beginner- and advanced-level traders to navigate the difficult crypto market conditions.

Now, AltSignals is launching the ASI token to bring even more benefits to its community of traders. ASI tokens can be used to gain access to AltSignals’ brand-new, AI-powered trading tools, which are currently under development. The ActualizeAI stack is designed to improve the accuracy of trading signals by leveraging next-generation technologies.

How does AltSignals work?

ActualizeAI will combine machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver a ground-breaking trading experience. Users will receive a single buy or sell signal based on  a vast range of price indicators and sentiment analysis, as the ActualizeAI algorithm can instantaneously sort through complex datasets.

The ASI token can be used to access ActualizeAI Club, which will provide early access to new AltSignals trading tools and beta testing opportunities. ActualizeAI Club members will also receive trading tips for public and private sales of new cryptocurrencies, which can often produce major gains for early investors.

Can $ASI reach $0.50 in 2023?

$ASI represents a growing AI-based crypto project that has immense future potential. AI cryptocurrencies are driving the market recovery at the beginning of 2023, which spells good news for $ASI presale investors.

The $ASI presale will raise the price of the token from $0.012 to $0.02274. After this point, price action could soar as experts suggest that $ASI has the potential to reach $0.50 in 2023 alone.

AltSignals vs. Uniswap price: Which token is the best investment right now?

Both AltSignals and Uniswap are gaining bullish momentum thanks to recent project developments. The Uniswap price is forecasted to gain significantly as the platform begins to offer its services to users on the BNB chain; however, it does suffer from the law of diminishing returns due to an already fairly high market cap.

On the other hand, AltSignals is a well-established Web3 project that is only now launching its token. The platform has existing users numbering over 50,000 and is offering a brand-new crypto investment opportunity, which means that the token could be expected to post impressive gains ahead of the next bull market.

Although $ASI could outperform $UNI in the near future, both projects certainly look like great additions to any investment portfolio at the current price level. 

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.

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