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Janette King Drops New Song “Cool Me Down” Featuring DijahSB: Stream

Janette King Drops New Song “Cool Me Down” Featuring DijahSB: Stream

Janette King has dropped a new song called “Cool Me Down” featuring DIjahSB. It’s off her upcoming debut album What We Lost, which arrives June 25th via Hot Tramp Records.

King is a songwriter and producer based out of Montréal, and she starts off “Cool Me Down” with a famous clip of Eartha Kitt laughing off the idea of compromising for a man. “A man comes into my life and I have to compromise?” she scoffs, as the tinkling, jazzy beat begins to pick up steam. In a statement, King said that the song was about “staying focused on your goals,” explaining,

“‘Cool Me Down’ is about staying focused on your goals and not letting anyone or anything come in the way of that. Covid has shown me that whatever I am envisioning for myself whether that be in my career, what type of life I want to live, or otherwise, only my belief in myself can crystallize those things. If I don’t put into action those dreams in my head — they will never become reality and only I can do that for myself. If I am afraid of succeeding or if I allow the variable factors of life get in my way then I will surely fail.”

She’s joined on the track by emerging Toronto MC DijahSB, who spits a verse that has them wading through a sea of women to arrive at their destination. “Cool me down, I got drama, I got hoes all in my way,” they rap. “So if you ain’t about no progress gotta get up out my face.”

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The two Canadians previewed “Cool Me Down” on Monday with the 25-minute “Cool Me Down Release Show”. King performed a cover of James Blake’s “Retrograde” and powered through the What We Lost track “Airplane”, while DijahSB uncorked their own songs “Overtime” and “Throw That Back” from their upcoming album Head Above the Waters, It ended with a joint performance of “Cool Me Down”. Check out that set, and listen to the new single below.

What We Lost will be found on June 25th, and pre-orders are ongoing.

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