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Play Along to Faye Webster and Lil Yachty’s New Song, “Lego Ring”

Play Along to Faye Webster and Lil Yachty's New Song, "Lego Ring"

The comments section went crazy when Faye Webster teased new music with her internet friend and collaborator Lil Yachty last week. Today, the songstress unofficially unveiled part of latest cut dubbed “Lego Ring,” which comes with backing vocals from Yachty, as well as its own web game.

She shared the below preview on her Instagram page this morning, which shows her and Yachty facing off in the Guitar Hero-type game dubbed Faye Webster’s Singsongorama.

After entering your email and zip code (and accepting the Terms and Conditions), you enter Faye Webster’s Singsongorama. Blissful and vibrant, the world resembles the aesthetic of a Webster music video with a tinge of Animal Crossing. A band of animals stands center stage, and the three-key guitar simulator pops up.

“Faye gave us Guitar Hero before Activision and Microsoft,” one user wrote in the comments section. “Suddenly I’m a gamer,” said another.

Aside from presumably the chorus (“I want a lego ring / it’s a mood ring”) – which Webster leads and Yachty complements – no lyrics are played, just the instrumental. At the end of the game, “Your Score” is revealed – as well as an official announcement for the track’s release.

Listen exclusively to “Lego Ring” at the game’s site, and keep an eye out for when the single drops on streaming this Friday, January 12.

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