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San Antonio wellness trainer creates Get Fit fair to promote fitness … – San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio wellness trainer creates Get Fit fair to promote fitness ... - San Antonio Express-News

SAN ANTONIO — For wellness trainer Keyuna Milam, Saturday morning was about recalling family and friends who had died at an early age — and taking steps to help others prevent a similar fate.

Milam, 42, shared the story about her friend, Eli Rodriguez, who she called her birthday twin because they shared their birth date.

Rodriguez had children, was active, kept busy and was a friend to many people. But on Jan. 29, 2022, he had a fatal heart attack. He was 42 years old.

“That was the final straw,” Milam said. “It definitely made an impact.”

That spurred the creation of the Get Fit Wellness Fair, which made its debut Saturday at the Moade Center, 305 E. Ramsey Road.

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Milam, owner of Wanna Go Fit LLC, dedicated the event to Rodriguez. More than 40 people attended the fair that offered resources, panel discussions and fitness demonstrations.

“Our main goal is for people to know their health status,” Milam said, “and go to the doctor.”

On a personal level, Milam made major lifestyle changes years ago. She lost the weight she had gained after two pregnancies. She started working out. In 2007, during a morning run, she had a revelation — she wanted to share her success with others. She left her marketing job and rebranded herself as a wellness trainer.

Saturday’s fair continued that quest to share. The event included health care screenings, fitness and healthy food demonstrations, and mental health and general health panel discussions.

Milam began with a general health segment that featured panelists Dr. Troy Robbin Hailparn and Lakesha Hairston, a registered nurse. The panelists talked about how to find balance in life.

Hailparn, an OB-GYN doctor, owns the practice Cosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio. Her focus is women’s wellness. Hailparn said women put everything ahead of themselves. She said they take care of their families, homes, jobs and partners while usually putting themselves last on their to-do list.

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“If you give and give, there’s going to be nothing left,” she said. “You need to give back and make sure you have reserves. Women need to put themselves first. Take care of health, mental health and make sure your life is balanced.”

Hairston said she’s been shocked by the number of people in their 40s and younger who have died from heart disease. She recalled that her children’s father died at the age of 39 of a massive heart attack.

“For me, it’s really personal,” she said. “We really have to take care of ourselves.

“It’s really scary when a patient comes in on their death bed, and they expect us to perform a miracle,” Hairston said. “This is something that’s transpired for years. For me, it’s personal because I see it everyday. People are dying, not older, but younger.”

It’s not just about living but also the quality of life, she said, recalling people she’s known who have had a limb amputated and are blind from diabetes.

Lindsey Payne, founder of Rebirth-Self Love LLC, said stress is a contributor to 80 percent of health issues. Her focus is helping people slow down and learn ways to cope with anxiety.

“I’m trying to make sure people are aware that they are in control of their own bodies,” Payne said. “It makes a difference in their lives.”

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Nneka Cleaver, owner of Black Business San Antonio and sponsor of the fair, said it was an important event that allowed people a chance to ask questions that had been on their minds.

“It gives a lot of clarity,” Cleaver said. “I feel great, but is my inside body doing great, is the question that should be for everybody. It’s like your car, it still runs even though it’s halfway to being broken down. Then one day, it just breaks down and it’s done.

“Don’t just wait for events, go out and get yourself help.”

Cleaver said the fair is one of four planned this year. She said future fairs would feature vendors, mammograms, exercise and fitness trainers.


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