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Pete Edochie raises concern over increased cosmetic surgeries among ladies

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has expressed concerns about the increasing patronage of cosmetic surgeries by Nigerian ladies. The veteran thespian, via a video posted on his Instagram page, asked why young ladies seem obsessed with boob and butt enlargement surgeries. During an interview with Adakarl TV, Edochie said, “Today, it is difficult to find a girl who is still what she is. They wear false hair, false lashes, false boobs, false bum, I do not know what is still natural about you, let’s be honest. Why must our girls be obsessed with these things, I don’t know.” He further noted that he knows he might receive some tongue-lashing over his comment. “I would want them to insult me and tell me why they are obsessed with those things. I might be insulted, but I mean, I am used to ...