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7 Low-Key Trends That Will Keep Your Outfits Looking Fresh This Year

In my 12 years spent working in the fashion industry, I’ve seen a monumental shift in the way in which trends are talked about. From Instagram’s formative years, when some considered it taboo to wear the same outfit twice on their grid (what was all that about?) to the new-season looks from the runway that would be replicated on the market almost overnight, the stance was very clear; new = good. Thankfully, things have come a long way in that time, and now everyone, from editors to buyers to consumers, has shifted their focus to longevity. Every purchase we make, be it high-end or affordable, should be done so with consideration; does said purchase speak to my personal taste? Do I already own something like this? Will it go with the pieces I own? These are just some of the questions I ask myself whenever I feel the urge to break out my bank card, and they help guide me to more sensible shopping decisions. 

Still, I understand the desire to feel current; to make your clothes feel fresh for a new season. This, however, doesn’t mean that you need to copy-and-paste the latest (and, let’s face it, sometimes bonkers) ensembles from the catwalk. Instead, I like to look for microtrends—the looks that are bubbling under the surface of the season’s overarching aesthetics—to find items that fit the above description but don’t require sacrificing your style. As someone who dresses quite seriously most of the time, I like to weave in a couple of unexpected pieces here and there to make my outfits more unique—and the below will undoubtedly do just that. 

Below I’ve assembled seven trends that might seem small but are, in fact, pretty impactful. From the cute jewellery that keeps cropping up to the latest way to wear your flat shoes, scroll on to see the low-key microtrends I love for 2023, and that have a track-record of coming back in style again and again.

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