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All-Female Mosh Pit Ensues After Kayzo Calls Out “Aggressive” Man In Crowd

All-Female Mosh Pit Ensues After Kayzo Calls Out “Aggressive” Man In Crowd

In 2022, the safety of women at electronic dance music shows has never been more urgent.

The verity of that fact has not been lost on Kayzo. Known for his chaotic blend of dubstep and metal music, the barnstorming DJ has seen his fair share of mosh pits.

After an intense pit unfolded at a recent show, he abruptly cut the music during his performance to call out a man who appeared to be shoving women. According to numerous accounts shared on Twitter, Kayzo then called for an all-female mosh pit.

Moshing is embedded in U.S. dance music culture, but it sometimes goes too far. And the violent nature of mosh pits forces many women to actively circumnavigate them, often to the point where they’re unable to enjoy the show.

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Kayzo went on to publicly condemn the unnamed man on Twitter, calling him “aggressive” and accusing him of shoving women in the crowd.

In a follow-up tweet, Kayzo acknowledged that most mosh pits consist predominantly of men and vehemently asserted his goal to keep women safe during his high-energy performances.

“It’s really encouraging to see everyone rallying together on keeping women safe at our shows,” Kayzo tweeted this week. “Honestly, it’s a keep ANYONE AND EVERYONE safe type of mentality at ANY show. I’ve been doing the all girl mosh during my set though because I’ve played enough shows to understand… that the mosh pits at my shows at least are predominantly guys and while I love the energy I ALWAYS notice girls getting tossed around accidentally in them or uncomfortably standing there on the edge trying to not accidentally get rocked.”




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