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Audi’s New Activesphere Concept Integrates Mixed Reality Headsets

Audi's New Activesphere Concept Integrates Mixed Reality Headsets

Audi has officially revealed its new Activesphere EV concept, the fourth concept car from the pioneering Sphere family which offers a glimpse at the automaker’s all-electric, autonomous future.

Introducing a whole new body style, the Activesphere was built for off-roading, balancing rugged performance with elegant design and state-of-the-art features. Highlights of the coupe-style SUV include the “active back” which allows the car to transform its elegant Sportback rear into a pickup bed for sports equipment at the push of a button. Quattro all-wheel drive is supported by 22-inch wheels fitted with all-terrain tires and for further elevation, adaptive air suspension can raise and lower the car by 1.5 inches.

For maximum visibility, glass surfaces are placed at the bottom of the doors as well as the grille positions. Ski rack mounts are further designed to occupy only a small section in the center of the roof. The interiors are clean and tidy, featuring four individual seats and driving instruments that are stowed away when the car is put into auto drive. The idea of mixed-reality headsets is also introduced for both the driver and passengers, offering interactive prompts and 3D content through the synced wearables.

The Activesphere is powered by two electric motors delivering a combined 436 horsepower and PPE technology enables charging times to rival that of a conventional refueling stop. In just 10 minutes, the car can be powered for more than 185 miles, and in 25 minutes, the 100 kWh battery charges from 5 to 80 percent for well over 370 miles of range.

Take a look a first look at the Audi Activesphere concept above and learn more at the Audi website.

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