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England coach disses Chelsea legends, gives backing to Tottenham star

England coach disses Chelsea legends, gives backing to Tottenham star

The first of the European Championship semi-finals takes place later today, with Italy facing Spain at Wembley Stadium.

With COVID-19 restrictions gradually being eased, there will be 60,000 fans in attendance to watch what should be a cracking game.

However, if you happen to be Italy’s manager, this isn’t a cause for celebration.

We’ll get to him shortly, but let’s start our latest Euro 2020 Diary with some odd comments from an England coach.

Holland gets carried away

England assistant coach Steve Holland has claimed that Harry Kane is the best finisher he’s ever seen.

During an interview with talkSPORT, Holland mentioned Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard as being great finishers but placed Kane ahead of them.

Holland goes on to say that Kane’s ‘technical execution is as good as anything I’ve certainly ever seen’, which suggests that he may not own a television.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi set new standards for goalscoring when they were going head-to-head in La Liga – they won silverware too. Perhaps Holland should check them out sometime?

Stop bleating Mancini

‘I do think it’s very unfair that we don’t have half the stadium full of Italian fans and half the stadium full of Spaniards.’

Roberto Mancini there, proving that wearing smart suits doesn’t necessarily equate to being smart in the brain department.

Mancini’s comments beggar belief. Most of society has endured lockdowns for over a year while football teams have been swanning around Europe.

What is ‘very unfair’ is that his comments went unchallenged. Let’s put that right – you’re an idiot, Mancini – shut up.

Evra backs England

Former Manchester United and France defender Patrice Evra really is the gift that keeps on giving.

His wacky social media antics rarely disappoint, and he was at it again yesterday with this England-themed post.

One video and so many questions. Why wasn’t the fish battered? Where was his other trainer? Has he been drug tested recently?

Never change, Patrice, never change.

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