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Keith Lee Ate A Salmon Chopped Cheese Sandwich, NYers React

Keith Lee Ate A Salmon Chopped Cheese Sandwich, NYers React

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Source: Christopher Polk / Getty / Keith Lee

TikTok food influencer Keith Lee has the power to help a local food establishment with his reviews. So you can imagine New Yorkers were excited when he announced the next stop on his tour was NYC, but that excitement turned to confusion at some of the food items he was reviewing.

New York social media was dumbfounded when Keith Lee hopped on his TikTok, eating a salmon chopped cheese, a “dry” bacon, egg and cheese, and pizza from Manhattan to kick off his highly anticipated visit to NYC.

The former MMA Fighter turned TikTok star kicked off his NYC visit by stopping at Taste Budz Deli in Queens, telling his 15.4 million followers, “Me and my family are in New York, fresh out the plane when I got this DM,” showing the recommendation from someone to the try unusual sandwich called the “2 Smoove” and that it was the “best salmon chopped cheese I ever had.”

“It’s a little salty in my opinion, but it’s good, tastes exactly like what it is, seasoned salmon, with a bunch of sauce, tomato, and some lettuce,” Lee said about the eyebrow-raising take on the bodega special. “I’m not mad at this, but I’m also not crazy about it: 7.5 out of 10.

Lee also ate a regular chopped cheese sandwich, giving it an 8 out of 10, while the bacon, egg, and cheese got a low 4 out of 10.

New Yorkers Were Big Mad At The Salmon Chopped Cheese Sandwich

As expected, the video has amassed over 4 million views, and the comments were full of New Yorkers perplexed at someone having the audacity to recommend a salmon chopped cheese sandwich.

“And what is a SALMON CHOPPED CHEESE ?!! We being sabotaged,” one comment under the video read.

TikToker with the handle @_thecomedian asked in a video stitch response, “Who told Keith Lee to get a salmon chopped cheese?” adding, “Since when did people start making salmon chopped cheese?”

That’s a question we all want the answer to.

“No, no, why are y’all gonna start freestyling when he comes to our city?” he continued in his video. “I’m not gonna lie, fish at the deli is crazy, insane, astronomical, bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.”

Even though the disgust was real, so was the “Keith Lee effect.” Gothamist reports that the Taste Budz Deli’s owner claims sales were up 40%, and orders for the “2 Smoove” doubled after Lee’s visit.

“It was definitely a great surprise and that we were the first stop in his New York City tour,” Riley revealed. “He was able to get that publicity, so he definitely helped with that. We’re looking forward to it the weekend, really.”

Lee’s Questionable Pizza Choices

The salmon chopped cheese wasn’t the only thing that upset New Yorkers. In a second video, Lee reviewed pizza from three Manhattan pizzerias: Joe’s Pizza, Prince Street Pizza, and Bleecker Street Pizza.

Any real New Yorker was not surprised by the results, with Lee not being too impressed with any of the pizza he ate, with Prince Street Pizza earning a 7.7 out of 10.

TikTokers were again unhappy with Lee’s decision. TikToker Taylor Michelle said in a response video, “First we were in Queens for a bacon, egg, and cheese,” she said in a video uploaded Friday. “Now we in Manhattan for slices of pizza? I’m lost, I’m confused, please, someone get this man a tour guide, please.”

Keith Lee Did Get Some Better Recommendations

Lee did salvage his NYC visit when he got better recommendations from @righteouseats, a local foodie account run by Brian Lee and Jaeki Cho to advocate for “mom & pop, immigrant, minority, & BIPOC owned businesses.”

Taste of Heaven, a soul food restaurant located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, got a visit from Lee and his family where they tried dishes like jerk ribs that amazed him by how the meat fell off the bone, and rice and peas, which he said were the most seasoned he has ever eaten.

After devouring his delicious meal, Lee praised Taste of Heaven, giving the dishes ratings between 8.7 and 9.4 out of 10.

He went into the restaurant and left $1,500 to cover everyone’s orders in line.

He also brought his food-tasting talents to d Aunts et Uncle, a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn, and Tamarind Island, a roti shop in Queens.

“The food was so good, we decided as a family to leave a tip,” Lee said about Tamarind Island.

No word on where Lee and his family are going next, but we can’t wait to see the reactions.

Until then, you can see more reactions to Lee’s NYC visit in the gallery below.

Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty

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