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Setting the Standard for Better Rice

The world’s thirstiest crop is also responsible for feeding half our planet. The Sustainable Rice Platform thinks it can make a better life for farmers and consumers alike. The post Setting the Standard for Better Rice appeared first on Roads & Kingdoms.

Serving Climate-Friendly Meals, One Student at a Time

Food providers—large-scale companies that mass-produce meals for institutions like hospitals and schools—serve billions of meals annually in the United States. Despite their size, there hasn’t been nearly enough focus on how to cut their greenhouse emissions. Enter Coolfood, a one-stop solution to facilitate plant-forward, climate-friendly eating. The post Serving Climate-Friendly Meals, One Student at a Time appeared first on Roads & Kingdoms.

A Sea Grain to Feed the World

A team of chefs and scientists in southern Spain are trying to cultivate an edible sea grain for the first time. Can Aponiente’s “sea pantry” fight global food insecurity and be used for conservation purposes? The post A Sea Grain to Feed the World appeared first on Roads & Kingdoms.

Bioversity International: Making the Invisible Visible

Scientists agree that global agriculture is losing crucial diversity in its plants, animals and microorganisms. But you can’t fix a problem that you can’t measure properly. That’s where the Agrobiodiversity Index comes in. The post Bioversity International: Making the Invisible Visible appeared first on Roads & Kingdoms.

Can a Mushroom Save our Soil?

Australian start-up Loam is using fungi to help crops capture carbon in the soil—and keep it there. It could be a game-changer for farmers and the fight against climate change. The post Can a Mushroom Save our Soil? appeared first on Roads & Kingdoms.

Reinventing the Wheel

Monarch Tractor has recently launched its first line of electric tractors with its groundbreaking MK-V model – the world’s first full-electric, driver-optional, data-collecting smart tractor. Its CEO hopes the company is going to revolutionize the future of farming. The post Reinventing the Wheel appeared first on Roads & Kingdoms.

Tackling Southeast Asia’s Protein Crisis

In Southeast Asia, the Protein Challenge is aiming for nothing less than a total transformation of regional food systems. The solution? Empowering and uniting the protein system’s various and diverse actors to create change from within. The post Tackling Southeast Asia’s Protein Crisis appeared first on Roads & Kingdoms.

In Kenya, Using Fungi to Fight a War on Weeds

The Toothpick Company turns fungi into bioherbicide to fight Striga, a devastating “master weed” that has devastated an estimated 40 million farms in Africa. The post In Kenya, Using Fungi to Fight a War on Weeds appeared first on Roads & Kingdoms.

Cardi B Goes Off On Inflation Prices In Most Cardi B Way Possible [Video]

HipHopWired Featured Video Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net Cardi B continues to be the voice of the people. Her recent video rant on inflation is everything and then some. As spotted on CNN, the Bronx, New York native recently felt a ways after her last grocery pick up. She took to social media to vent and it started with a tweet that explained her frustration. “Naaaaaa grocery shopping prices are ridiculous right now You might as well eat outside !!” Cardi B wrote. She followed things up with a second post with some receipts saying “B*** why lettuce cost 6 dollars where I live at ?” Related Stories As expected, her opinion was met with both support and criticism online. She soon filmed a video explaining why she feels so appalled at the soaring prices of food. “Let me tell you ...

How to buy food with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a dynamic monetary asset with the potential of being both — a commodity and a currency. For instance, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classified BTC as a commodity, whereas El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal tender in 2021.  So, does this make BTC a store of value or a medium of exchange? It can do both — On one hand, BTC can be added to treasuries as an inflationary hedge. On the other hand, it could also serve the retail purpose of paying for routine expenses.  Almost over a decade ago, the first person to utilize Bitcoin for a business transaction was Laszlo Hanyecz, who spent 10,000 BTC on two pizzas, or as the crypto community addresses it, the Bitcoin pizza. However, that is not the amount of BTC anyone needs to actually buy food in the real worl...

Food companies secure trademarks to enter metaverse

A number of food companies have recently begun to position themselves within the Web3 ecosystem by filing trademark applications for the Metaverse and nonfungible tokens (NFTs).  Licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis shared in a tweet that Kraft Foods Group had filed a trademark for its iconic hot dog-shaped Weinermobile on Oct. 12. The filing revealed that the brand plans to expand into NFTs, digital tokens, virtual goods, NFT marketplaces, virtual food, drink and restaurants. Kraft has applied to trademark the iconic Weinermobile! The October 12 filing claims plans for:NFTs + Digital TokensNFT MarketplacesVirtual Foods + Drinks + RestaurantsOnline Stores for NFTs + Virtual Goods#NFT #NFTs #Metaverse #Web3 #Oscarmayer #Wienermobile pic.twitter.com/u5At9xxMIw — Mike Kondoudi...

Making Waste less Wasteful

In rural British Columbia, Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society is harnessing the power of poop. Abbotsford, BRITISH COLUMBIA— It takes no more than an Uber ride with the window down across Abbotsford, B.C. to notice that you are in Canada’s agricultural capital. The scent of Cedar and Spruce that envelops most of the Fraser Valley, the Southwestern region of British Columbia that neighbors Washington State, is overpowered by the farm smells of wheat, fresh grass and, especially, cow feed—in all parts of its cycle. The odor of cow manure grows faint to new visitors after a few days, and some locals don’t detect it at all, but, despite living in the area for years, Chris Bush couldn’t leave it alone. That odor was a sign of a problem with local agriculture; one he wondered if he could fix.&nbs...