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Kid Cudi Drops “DREAMS I SEE” In Support of ‘Moon Man #3’

Kid Cudi Drops "DREAMS I SEE" In Support of 'Moon Man #3'

Kid Cudi continues to build out his Moon Man comic universe, pairing issues of the series with tracks, visualizers and merch capsules to maximize its otherworldly immersive-ness. With Moon Man‘s third issue – Moon Man #3 – available now, Cudi has unleashed “DREAMS I SEE” to coincide with its release.

The third issue is set to continue the tale of protagonist Ramon Townshend: just a normal guy turned into a national hero when he saved his entire ship and crew from a near-disastrous moon mission. The logline reads: “As news of the Moon Man begins to spread, Ramon starts to test the limits of his abilities—but an old friend coming back into his life makes everything more complicated.”

The “DREAMS I SEE” visualizer offers an initial look into Moon Man #3‘s storyline, focusing on Townshend as he navigates the galaxies.

“In the drеams I see (Mmm-mmm) / My life’s ups and downs, who save enеrgy / No one but me now, no, no, stay low,” he croons on the chorus.

Per Variety, Moon Man #3‘s release also comes equipped with a four-piece apparel capsule of merchandise, set to be unveiled on Cudi’s website at 3 p.m. ET on July 10.

Stream “DREAMS I SEE” on Spotify and Apple Music now and purchase a copy of Moon Man #3 for just $3.99 at the Image Comics website.

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