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Anambra election: We’ve no hand in APGA triple candidates woes – APC

Anambra election: We’ve no hand in APGA triple candidates woes – APC

Anambra State All Progressive Congress (APC) has denied any hand in the triple candidates scenario in All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the state as alleged by Governor Willie Obiano of the state.

The party said that was rather too busy with the self-purification and organizational process to bother about parties that were hijacked from their original goals.

The State APC Publicity Secretary Okelo Madukaife in a statement said that Governor Obiano had alleged that APC and PDP were responsible for the crisis in APGA and in fact tried to stop one of the three factional candidates from emerging.

“APC has nothing do with such infradig affair. PDP will speak for itself. One thing is however clear. Every leader in the place of Governor Obiano today would be ashamed of what has become of his political party under him.

“Rather than worry whether APC covered its primaries of June 26,2021 live on television, Obiano should tuck his head into reasoning to create some sense out of the three APGA primaries of June 24, June 29 and July 21, 2021 all in a quasi political party handed over to him.

“What shall it profit an outfit that takes instruction outside its constitution if journalists are excluded from all the foundational processes of their primaries, including composition of delegates list and accreditation, only to let them in when ‘results’ had hatched, for the final home movie?

“APC does not engage in gubernatorial gossip. What is more? Why would APGA not learn from APC, which takes responsibility for challenges that come it’s way and end up surmounting same, rather than endless buck-passing that suggests that other parties have equal say and equal blame in the plagues of APGA.

“Is that not why APGA is failing in governance in an only state? Despite our silence before now, we see what is going on in the APGA as power withdrawal symptoms which cannot but occur in an outfit that fails on all four pillars of its manistesto and fall back on the sentiments raised from deceased heroes past to stay afloat.

“APC will help APGA develop Anambra State from March 2022, to show that governance is made of sterner stuff that evening jollies and decimation of local governments to plunder their resources. Obiano has enough time to write his handover notes” Madukaife stated.

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