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EDM.com Quarantine Diaries: Saint Punk

EDM.com Quarantine Diaries: Saint Punk

“My girlfriend and I got sick with COVID-19 early on in March, and since then, it’s been an ongoing adventure.”

“Quarantine Diaries” is an editorial series in which EDM.com invites members of the music community to contribute guest posts about how they’re coping with the pandemic. The goal of the series is to provide a platform for these individuals to share their own experiences and perspectives and ultimately inspire anyone experiencing pitfalls contrived by the impact of COVID-19. The thoughts and viewpoints expressed are those of the author, Saint Punk.

I’m going to be honest on this, it’s been a rollercoaster. Some days I hate the world, some days I’m motivated to make the best of the situation and “get after it,” and then some days I just want to drink it away.

My girlfriend and I got sick with COVID-19 early on in March, and since then, it’s been an ongoing adventure. Days of feeling like shit, then days of going on hikes. We’re both having lingering symptoms that come and go. My sinuses are constantly sore, my heart likes to flutter a bunch now like it’s trying to escape my chest, and my energy comes and goes. It’s not fun, but it also could be a lot worse, so I’m counting it as a blessing.

This situation is real though, and it tests your mental capacity for it heavily.

Despite the mental gymnastics, I’m in the studio on a daily basis. Writing new material, working on my new Band Practice series for YouTube, and creating mixes. Having a focus is key. Two of my favorite records I have produced have come while in quarantine. “Molotov Cocktail,” which I just released on my label Graffiti Records, is a direct representation on how I feel with everything going on in the world today. I do not stand for social injustice, and I most certainly do not stand with this administration. The second record I haven’t released yet, and I can’t really speak too much on it, but all I can say is Brohug is a big fan of the tune, and it’s coming out sooner than you think!

Outside the studio, we’ve tried to make it easier by having great meals. A local spot, Republique, has amazing food and they switch up their dinner menu weekly. It’s been a good way to make the redundancy feel exciting. We also gave our balcony a makeover since we were starting to spend so much time there. When we don’t order out, we cook a lot of good food as well. Carne asada, ceviche, steak with truffle butter, to name a few. Made a pork schnitzel the other day for the first time! It helps to try new things, keeps the mind working.

I definitely miss being out.

Restaurants, bars, and especially shows. This year was supposed to be a big show year for me, so that’s disappointing. It is what it is, but there’s no getting around it sucking.

The civil rights movement has been a big source of inspiration for me. I’ve written a lot because of it. There are so many messed up things happening across the world right now, and having music as an outlet is more important than ever. I’m just trying to hold on like everyone else, and trying to be as productive as possible while doing it. It’s not always easy, but there’s no precedent for these times, so we’re all learning how to do it as we go. 

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