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Edo APC writes off former chairman’s defection claims

Edo APC writes off former chairman’s defection claims
All Progressives Congress (APC) Nigeria

Edo state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday described claims by a former charman of the party, Anselm Ojezua that he was leaving the party with 150,000 members as spurious and unfounded.

A statement yesterday by the State Assistant Publicity Secretary of the APC, Ofure Osehobor, said Ojezua had long left the party but that he was not popular enough to gather such a number of supporters being claimed.

He said “This is deliberate falsehood because Edo people know that this man has no such followership. Moreover he left the party long before now. What is sad is that instead of staying quietly in his new party, he has chosen to embarrass himself with these claims.

“Here is a man who has lost political relevance, in all its ramifications but decided to lurk around by holding on to the APC State Party Secretariat like it is his personal property. The cassock does not make the monk.

“The so-called 22 members of Ojezua’s Executive are his personal stooges just like the 150,000 supporters which are only a figment of his imagination, because they do not exist. He just cooked up these figures so the PDP can consider his plight and give him a semblance of relevance.

“However, the APC is better for it, because Ojezua and his cohorts, were the enemies within: the moles, the liars, and backbiters who, ab initio were hired and paid by their ungrateful Master, to destroy a party that lifted him from the streets to a position of relevance.

“Edo APC right now is one family under the leadership of Col David Imuse, the State Caretaker Committee Chairman. This is the man chosen by the wisdom of the National Leadership of the APC, to stay on the saddle and with others make Edo APC a more united party, ready to move the state forward.”

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