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I Rarely Wear Foundation, This Is the Product I Turn to for a Glowing Complexion

I Rarely Wear Foundation, This Is the Product I Turn to for a Glowing Complexion

I love makeup. I love everything about it. I love owning it, talking about it, researching it and applying it. The only thing I don’t really love about it is, well, wearing it. I like my face to feel clean and fresh and, sadly, makeup just doesn’t allow for that. And this is the conundrum I find myself in far too often. I love the way makeup makes my skin look, I just don’t like how it makes it feel. My naturally oily skin only feels greasier and more dirty with every layer of foundation I apply.

When I told a makeup artist of my woes a few years ago as we prepared for a shoot, she asked if I’d ever thought about using a tinted moisturiser instead. And the truth was, I had. I had tried many a tinted moisturiser before, but I was yet to find one that had the second-skin finish that I so badly craved. On top of this, I pointed out, I am also incredibly fussy when it comes to my base. I like glow, but not too much and any sign of creasing is an absolute no-no. And then, she recommended a product that has totally changed the way that I approach my everyday makeup routine.

So just like that, what was a very standard conversation among two makeup obsessives turned into one of the most profound pieces of advice I have ever received. Because, yes, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser has in fact changed my life. 

Unlike foundation, it delivers minimal (but buildable) coverage. It contains just about enough pigment to blur imperfections and blend any natural skin discolouration, but leaves your natural skin shining through underneath. Not only that, but it also gives a natural-looking glow unlike any other base I have ever used. So much so that whenever I wear it, at least one person usually comments on how great my skin looks (and trust me, naturally it doesn’t).

When I heard news that a reformulation was on the cards last year, I was heartbroken to say the least. I stock-piled the original in fear that the new formula wouldn’t be up to scratch. Thankfully, I was wrong. Not only does the newer version pack more of a hydrated, glowy punch thanks to macadamia and kukui seed oils alongside powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, it also contains a broad spectrum SPF30 to protect skin from harmful sun rays.

If you ask me, Laura Mercier was doing skincare-infused makeup long before it was even a thing. Whether I slap it on with my fingers or build it up with a blending sponge, I know that this stuff will always be there to amp up my glow and create the complexion I so wish I naturally possessed. As CC creams, skin veils and lightweight foundations come and go from my collection, just know that I always have a tube of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser close by.

Next up, this is without a doubt my most complimented perfume ever.

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