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I’m Convinced That Wearing This Jumper Will Make You Look Richer

The humble beige jumper is such an unassuming article of clothing, but that’s the key to its power. Yes, it’s just a jumper, and yes, it’s just a colour, but put them together and you’ve got yourself a garment that will make you look super polished.

I can’t give you a definite reason as to why, but there’s somethng about that gorgeous buttery tone that instantly makes any knitwear-based look feel more elevated. Beige knitwear also has such an expensive feel, especially when looked after correctly (read more on that here). And when it comes to styling such a piece, the world really is your oyster. Try wearing yours with blue or even white denim, wide-leg trousers, a floral midi dress or a silky slip skirt. There’s nothing it won’t go with… My favourite way, however, is to pair it with a texture that makes it really stand out. Faux-leather trousers would be my go-to way to style it. Add a gold necklace and it’s a polished, classic look achieved without spending too much money. (Then again, I’m also a sucker for the jeans-and-jumper combo with a chunky loafer.) 

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