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NUT: Nigerian government not interested in curbing insecurity

NUT: Nigerian government not interested in curbing insecurity

The 1st Vice President of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, Mr Kayode Akosile, has said insecurity is getting worse at schools and other places in the country because the government is not seriously invested in curbing the situation.

Akosile said government could as well use the money being embezzled and wasted on other not too important things to combat insecurity in the land.

The NUT boss said this while speaking with journalists in Ibadan on Tuesday on the sidelines of a workshop on privatisation and commercialisations of education organised by NUT in partnership with International and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation.

He said teachers and students’ minds were no longer at rest while in schools, saying the future of the nation was already in jeopardy. He said everything should be done to reverse this trend.

The NUT boss said, “Learners and teachers are constantly under threat and this is a serious concern to us. This is not limited to the northern part of the country alone. A few days ago, a teacher was kidnapped in Ekiti State and he was not released until ransom was paid.

“Insecurity is degenerating to the level that is unbeatable and we are concerned. We are concerned for the safety of the students and ourselves.

“It is very important for government to arrest the situation. Government is asking us to take our safety into our own hands, how can we defend ourselves? We know how many teachers we have lost to Boko Haram in the North-East and look at the North-West now, kidnapping has almost become a daily occurrence there. It is high time government nipped this in the bud.

“Government can provide security for schools and every other place by making sure that more efficient and effective security personnel are recruited. We don’t want a situation where police will arrive hours after abduction and block the gate with their vehicles and be intimidating parents and sympathisers. When you look at happenings in other climes, you will discover that security has gone digital

“If government is ready to arrest this situation, the money being embezzled could be used to procure equipment like drones and other devices. It is dawning on us seriously that the government is not interested in curbing these things. If the government is interested, these things should not drag for too long.”

Akosile spoke just as the National President of the Parents-Teachers’ Association, Haruna Danjuma, also lamented the insecurity in schools and the entire country.

Danjuma said, “Bandits broke into one of the schools in Kaduna and took some students away. The insecurity is everywhere, it is not limited to the northern part of the country alone. But this must be stopped because it is a huge distraction to teachers, students as well as parents and every Nigerian.”

Meanwhile, the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Dr Israel Akanji, has said 28 pupils of Bethel Baptist High School, Damishi, Kaduna were still in the hands of the bandit who invaded the school on Monday morning.

The NBC president who said this in a statement on Tuesday urged the Federal and Kaduna State governments to do everything to ensure the release of the remaining students while asking parents whose children were still in captivity to remain calm.

He said everything would be done to ensure their release, as he asked members of the Baptist family and Nigerians to join the church in prayer for the release of the pupils.

The statement read, “To the glory of God, 28 students have been reunited with their families, while 125 students are yet to be accounted for.

“We have been reliably informed that search and rescue operations are ongoing, involving the Nigeria Army, the Nigeria Airforce and other security agencies and we strongly believe that, by the grace of God, these students will safely return to their parents soon

“The situation in which we have found ourselves is indeed pathetic, particularly for the parents of the kidnapped students and the school community. We feel their pain and our prayer is that God Almighty will arise and intervene in this unfortunate incident.”

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