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Nutanix Files Achieves 2,500 Customers Milestone

Nutanix Files Achieves 2,500 Customers Milestone

Nutanix has announced that its scale-out file storage solution, Nutanix Files, recently reached the significant milestone of 2,500 customers, including nearly 180 Global 2,000 companies.

The solution provides simple, flexible and intelligent enterprise file storage for the cloud era – allowing customers to scale and adapt to changing file storage needs across multiple locations and centrally managed from anywhere, something especially important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Files also offer a native analytics engine that allows customers to gain deep insights into their data. It shows how the data is being used, provides use and access audit over time, and allows for anomaly detection to prevent misuse and threats from malicious actors and malware.

“The storage market is very fragmented, requiring customers to manage disparate products and purchase separate licenses to support different storage needs,” said Vishal Sinha, VP of Engineering at Nutanix.

“Our focus at Nutanix is to help our customers simplify their infrastructure software stack. Delivering an easy-to-use, integrated file storage solution, with built-in key features like deep analytics, is an important part of achieving this goal. Reaching this important milestone, with 2,500 Nutanix Files customers, is a testament to the strength of this solution.”

Nutanix Files customers range from small and medium businesses to national and international retailers, leading service providers and more.

Lawrence Lozzano, Senior DBA at Sheppard Mullin, says “Setting up and managing Nutanix Files is very straightforward. Plus, the 1-click upgrade process makes it very easy to manage going forward.”

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