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These 5 brands scream ‘quiet luxury’—and they start at just $9, says fashion stylist: Dress like the ‘ultra-wealthy’

These 5 brands scream 'quiet luxury'—and they start at just $9, says fashion stylist: Dress like the 'ultra-wealthy'

As a fashion stylist with over 10 years of experience working with brands like Gucci and Saks Fifth Avenue, I can confirm that the “quiet luxury” trend is one of the year’s biggest.

Often associated with the ultra-wealthy, quiet luxury describes timeless, understated pieces that look expensive due to their high-quality materials — instead of flashy brand logos.

Quiet luxury may seem exclusive when you think of emblematic brands like Celine, The Row and Max Mara. But there are plenty of ways to style yourself in a well-made, expensive-looking outfit without the massive price tag.

Here are six affordable brands that look and feel luxe:

1. Zara

Credit: Zara

The brand usually uses good materials and quality construction, so you don’t have to worry about the pieces falling apart. The best way to determine if something is made of high-quality materials is to read the label and check for fabric blends. The fewer blends, the better.

Credit: Zara

Some of Zara’s 100% cotton pieces, like this printed shirt dress ($69.90) and cotton t-shirt ($25.90), are the perfect foundation for an inexpensive quiet luxury outfit.

2. The Frankie Shop

This concept store features new and upcoming designer brands at reasonable prices, about $40 and up for basics. There are locations in New York City and Paris, and an online store.

Credit: The Frankie Shop

Credit: The Frankie Shop

While a bit more expensive than Zara, they offer more curated products and on-trend, minimalist designs.

3. Intimissimi

Italian-owned Intimissimi is well-known for lingerie, but its affordable yet luxe staples are its best-kept secret.

The brand carries pieces that scream wealth, like silk tops ($79) and cashmere knits ($59), for under $80.

Credit: Intimissimi

Silk and cashmere are sought after because the process to create them takes so long. Products that use them them quietly signal that they’re expensive.

I love pairing Intimissimi tops with jeans and a blazer for the quiet luxury look.

4. Mejuri

What I love about Mejuri is that it has hundreds of timeless pieces for women and men for under $200.

Credit: Mejuri

Credit: Mejuri

5. Uniqlo

Uniqlo may not shout quiet luxury like some of the other brands on this list, but they carry classic pieces that fit the vibe — for a fraction of the price, especially the menswear.

Credit: Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s classic slim-fit chino pants ($49.90) and slim-fit long-sleeve shirts ($29.90) are made with the best materials and can last a long time in your closet.

You won’t break the bank with these pieces, but you will look like a million bucks when you wear them.

Ashley Afriyie is a fashion stylist and former editor. She has spent years assisting celebrities and working with luxury brands like Gucci and Saks Fifth Avenue. She has held fashion internships at Vogue and Teen Vogue magazine. Follow her on Instagram @ashleyafriyie.

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