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World Children’s Day: Tomorrow’s Leaders Speak Up Today | Abbott Newsroom

World Children's Day: Tomorrow's Leaders Speak Up Today | Abbott Newsroom

How many times have you heard that children are the leaders of the future? And it’s true: One day, we’ll all be watching and admiring them as they pretty much run the world.

But let’s think about this for a second. Do we really need to wait years or even decades for this “one day” to come? Why not right now? What if a teenager with type 1 diabetes could pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a professional hockey player, or if a high school student could become a champion of healthy living and show friends how to live their healthiest lives?

What if a baby born with a congenital heart defect could have access to the world’s smallest mechanical heart valve, allowing her to be able to live the life of an 9-year-old — unicorns and all? Or if any child obsessed with soccer had the opportunity to learn more about health, strength and perseverance from their heroes?

Kids have important things to say right now. Why not listen to them? And so, in advance of World Children’s Day on Nov. 20, we’re amplifying their voices. After all, everyone can benefit from hearing from our World Children’s Day champions — young heroes who are taking charge of their health.

They’re not just the future. They’re the aspiring coders, scientists, leaders and change-makers of today. Their endless curiosity inspires us at Abbott and propels our mission. Our approach? It’s all about using groundbreaking products, technology and strategic partnerships to lead the way in pediatric healthcare — and make a real difference in the lives of children worldwide.

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