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Demystifying Device Management With Scalefusion: A Solution That Understands IT

Demystifying Device Management With Scalefusion: A Solution That Understands IT

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Considering the larger-than-life influx of mobile technology in human lives, it is no surprise that that mobile technology has found its rightful place in the enterprise environment, across diverse industries. And why not, the mobile devices bring the computational power of bulky machines into compact, handheld contraptions that are not only easy to carry around but are far more user-friendly than their predecessors or desktop counterparts. The desktops are also rapidly being replaced by more sophisticated and ‘mobile’ laptops and rightly so. Even for companies and organizations that are sticking to the conventional ‘desktop-keyboard-CPU’ setups, the employees are using personal mobile devices daily, within the office premises and for more work tasks than one- it could be checking an email, quickly replying to a query or getting on a call. 

One way or the other, organizations can no longer make do without embracing mobile technology. Or rather, entwining the changing needs of IT management that the use of mobile devices has resulted into. The remote working trend that took over 2020 has further pushed the prevalent limits and responsibilities of the enterprise IT teams and there is no denying that the need for improved, sleek device management is crucial.

This is where Scalefusion comes to the rescue.

Scalefusion demystifies device management and addresses the pain and pressure points of the IT teams with a solution that is straightforward and designed keeping the IT encumbrances in mind. Scalefusion doesn’t simply solve the concerns of the IT teams managing a large (or small) device inventory spread across diverse geographies, belonging to the various OS, make and model-type, but takes out the hype and keeps it simple. The solution understands that IT is burdened already and doesn’t add up to it. By presenting a console that is not complex, easily navigable and with a short learning curve, Scalefusion makes device management a piece of cake. 

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What sets Scalefusion apart from its market contemporaries is that it is built to suit the needs of complex, convoluted IT processes that can seem overwhelming, without requiring a giant pool of IT experts. What this means for small and medium-sized businesses operating independently, with little to no IT support is that they can do it too! It is particularly safe to say that Scalefusion has every feature offering that a seasoned IT would look for while being easy enough to be used by a novice IT just venturing into device management.

A list of Scalefusion capabilities and differentiators can extend a better purview:

Automated Enrollment: Considering the need of managing remote devices, Scalefusion extends Out-of-the-box enrollment by integrating multiple enrollment methods. IT can choose to drive manual enrollment or further streamline it with ROM-level and OEM partnerships.

Enhanced policies: From configuring the interface of the devices to applying layers of security for protecting corporate data and devices, Scalefusion practically leaves no stone unturned. Ensuring only authorized access, preventing data and device misuse and improving employee productivity driven by business apps is possible with Scalefusion.

Clutter-free dashboard: It is not an overstatement, the Scalefusion dashboard is quick to navigate through, has everything right where you would need and is easily integrable with SAML for SSO. 

Reports, alerts and workflows: Generating quick reports for device vitals, device and dashboard usage, scheduling alerts for the same and automating recurring IT tasks- Scalefusion truly takes the load off the IT teams.

Remote Troubleshooting: Helping to significantly reduce the device downtime for remotely operating devices that run into an error, Scalefusion steps in with Remote Cast and Control powered by remote screen mirroring, file sync and remote communication driven by a native app.

And this is merely scratching the surface of what the solution can do. 

To summarize…

Scalefusion has been applauded by customers across diverse industries for its capabilities along with the impeccable customer support that makes life easier for the IT teams across the globe. For organizations who want to revolutionize their IT operations while ensuring employee productivity is met at par with their envisioned standards, Scalefusion is the answer. 

Schedule a free live demo here – and get all your questions answered.

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