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I Underestimated This Simple Item—8 Outfits That Prove It’s A Wardrobe Staple

Often, the most versatile items in our wardrobes are obvious to us. Blue jeans? No brainer. White tee? A ride-or-die staple. But some less-talked-about pieces ooze quiet confidence, sneaking into countless everyday outfits without us even noticing.

I’m thinking of one item in particular: The humble black skirt. I realised recently that when I’m not wearing jeans or loosely tailored trousers, this is what I reach for to build my outfits from. And the true beauty of the black skirt is that it comes in myriad forms. From slinky satin iterations to leather minis, there’s a skirt for every occasion.

While trends might dictate which one you choose on a particular day (right now, I’m searching for the perfect pleated maxi—the H&M design below is a definite contender), the right black skirt will never date. Not yet convinced? Keep scrolling to see 8 outfits that prove just how multi-faceted this simple style is.

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