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Shaquille O’Neal Goes Ham Buying Reeboks While ‘Sneaker Shopping With Complex’

Shaquille O’Neal Goes Ham Buying Reeboks While ‘Sneaker Shopping With Complex’
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Shaquille O'Neal Sneaker Shopping

Source: Complex / Complex News

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the NBA’s biggest icons and while he’s enjoyed a career filled with success, championships, and various other accolades, Shaq Diesel has never been known to have the most impressive shoe game in the business.

Looking to show he does have some good taste in sneakers, the NBA legend linked up with Joe La Puma at A Ma Manier in Atlanta to pick up a few pairs of kicks while talking his personal experiences in the sneaker game and revealed why he chose Reebok over Nike when he was presented the opportunity. “Nike was interested but didn’t want me to have my own shoe,” Shaq remembers. “I wanted my own line, my own shoe, I wanted to come out with a bang. You know, my motto was making people remember my name.” Reebok gave him just that and the Shaq never looked back. Nike really dropped the ball on that one. Just sayin.’

That being said, Shaq ended up buying a gang of Reeboks and Adidas for some kids he invited to the famed boutique in the A and dropped a modest $947 on 9 pairs of kicks and a few sneaker accessories to keep them clean. Come to think of it, Shaq’s probably the first person to shop with Complex and not buy a single pair of Nikes or Air Jordans. We guess he’s never forgiving Nike for not giving him his own sneaker line.

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