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REZZ Plunged Fans Into the Depths of Her Dark Magic On Astonishing “Spiral” Tour

REZZ Plunged Fans Into the Depths of Her Dark Magic On Astonishing “Spiral” Tour

Already known for her exhilarating live performances, REZZ‘s “Spiral” tour finds her at her finest.

We were lucky enough to catch one of the last shows on the tour at KEMBA Live! in Columbus, Ohio. Taking things to the next level, REZZ enchanted the sold-out crowd with a dizzying barrage of light and sound in her most impressive touring audiovisual showcase to date.

REZZ brought out a fantastic cast of artists to support her on the road this year. Attendees on the tour were treated to a multi-genre array of talent that includes Eprom, Of The Trees, Wreckno, Kasablanca, KILL SCRIPT, A Hundred Drums and Canabliss. For the Columbus outing, fans started off the night on the right foot with a dazzling showcase from Canabliss before switching gears to the retro-futuristic sounds of Kasablanca.

As the final act between the crowd and the dark magic of REZZ, Class of 2022 artist Wreckno laid down some party-starting vocals over wobbly beats in the new town he dubbed “Columbussy.” 

After the supporting talent properly prepared the crowd for an unforgettable Saturday night, REZZ took the stage and plunged KEMBA Live! into darkness.

When teasing the new stage design, she promised fans “the most REZZ thing you’ve ever seen.” Needless to say, she fulfilled her promise and then some.

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Nestled in front of large LED displays, the production was highlighted by a unique, spiraling array of light that enveloped REZZ during the performance. For good measure, she brought out a healthy arsenal of lasers to really amp up the crowd during hits like “Edge,” “Someone Else” (with Grabbitz), and her collaboration with deadmau5, “Hypnocurrency.”

Shifting focus to the sound, REZZ fine-tuned a setlist consisting of throwbacks, remixes, new releases and beyond. Opening with her sinister 2021 collaboration with Deathpact, “Chemical Bond,” the dramatic introduction prepared fans for more than just a couple of bangers on a Saturday, but rather a meticulously curated, cinematic outing.

Those lucky enough to catch a show on the “Sprial” tour got to witness a show dripping with REZZ’s distinctive style. Every aspect of the production and song selection was calculated to showcase her ominous aesthetic in a way that drove fans deeper into the netherworld she created with her latest album, Spiral.

Spiral released on November 19th, 2021. You can relive the album that inspired the spellbinding tour here.




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