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Steve Aoki Joins Sensorium Galaxy for Exclusive VR Performances

Steve Aoki Joins Sensorium Galaxy for Exclusive VR Performances

With four installments of his sci-fi themed Neon Future albums already out in the world, it’s clear Steve Aoki has more than an inkling of interest in the future of technology. 

Now, the prolific dance music artist is taking an even deeper dive into that domain with his official induction into Sensorium Galaxy. The digital metaverse is home to a host of immersive experiences, including VR DJ sets in its utopian PRISM World.


Aoki participated in 3D-scanning and motion capture processes to develop a photorealistic avatar, which will perform exclusive shows through the platform. Once Sensorium officially launches, viewers will be able to tune in with VR headsets, PCs, Macs or mobile devices. You can also sign up for free access to the project’s beta version here

The endeavor, Aoki believes, is at “the intersection of music and sci-fi.” did a deep dive into this unique potential earlier this year. 

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“Metaverse makes an ideal playground to explore human interaction with technology,” Aoki said in a press release. “In Sensorium Galaxy, the social mechanics of meeting and befriending other concert-goers closely intervene with an AI-enabled ever-changing environment. This unlocks a totally new level of entertainment for both the artist and the audience.” 

To celebrate the news, Aoki also participated in the latest cinematic chapter of Sensorium’s “The Chosen Ones” campaign. Other artists to participate include Armin Van Buuren, Black Coffee, Carl Cox, David Guetta and Charlotte de Witte.

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